Feb 20, 2018 | BY Frida Ongre

Starboard’s sustainability team hit it’s first trade show to present Starboard Blue. International sports trade show, ISPO, opened up the floor to companies wanting to display their CSR achievements.

Starboard Blue at ISPO

ISPO MUNICH is the biggest sports trade show in the world and takes place once every year at Messe Munchen in Munich. This year the event hosted its first ever CSR Hub and Sustainability Kiosk. This was a hall for sport brands and organizations with high social and environmental performance, where they could present not only their products, but their efforts to use business for good.

While our inflatable boards were a big hit at the Watersport Village, Starboard surprised many with its presence at the sustainability section. Non-profit Brands For Good invited Starboard to join their massive booth and showcase what our brand does for the environment. Our eco-projects have become an important part of our company and the Tiki life, but we have recently been made aware of an issue: we don’t communicate it!

Starboard Blue at ISPO

Over the past few years the term greenwashing has been thrown around the corporate industry. Starboard’s environment-driven activities have come from a passion for the ocean, and as our intentions are not to use our eco-practices to advertise our brand or products, we haven’t been strong in the way we publicize our blue business.

But lately we have realized we need to promote our sustainability projects, because that is the only way we can promote change in the industry. By recently joining the B-Corp Community and partnering with Brands for Good, we have understood the importance of talking about what we do.

By putting more focus on corporate social responsibility (CSR), we are redefining business success. So let’s continue to do good – and let’s talk about it.

Starboard Blue at ISPO